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Aidan is the author of the exciting trilogy “The Morrigan’s Tale” which takes the Werewolf legend and gives a total and historically realistic remake for the twenty-first century.

Works in Progress

Memoirs of a Ghost

A Cold-war story, with perhaps a truth within.

The Unauthorised Biography of Richard H.J. Shepperton

Success/Failure/Romance/Success and, all with twists.

Arcadia's Solstice

A Vampire Tale written for today.

“The Morrigan’s Tale” Trilogy

This trilogy is yours to purchase and enjoy on and other online bookstores.

In wishing to maximise your satisfaction in fully enjoying this introduction to a new Author, he is giving the income of the 1st 15 thousand books sold to COVID Research and to Holidays for the Heroes a charity dedicated to assisting our frontline workers in Ireland with holidays on a 50/50 basis.

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